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(Well, it's Official, The Lakes Down!)   December 14, 2020

What a great get-a-way the lakes around Hot Springs have been, especially this year! There were probably more boats on lake hamilton and Ouachita this year than several years before and that's saying alot. Hot Springs with it's fantastic family amenties has drawn a lot of visitors during this Covid-19 infested year and there is no better way to social distance than on the lake! 

Of course Covid put a real damper on many of the wonderful activities that Hot Springs has to offer, but local resturants and venues made the best of it by requiring masks and utilizing the 6 foot distance rule, but that didn't seem to deture the families that neeeded a safer much needing get-a-way! Many of the lake coves had plenty of boats anchored and families floating on rafts laughing, playing and listening to thier favorite tunes although the boat with the loudest stereos dominated the airwaves! Luckily at least for me old rock seemed to dominate the air!  lol

Getting back to the winter months upon us now, yes the lake has been drawn down by Entergy, but not just it's usual alternating 3 and 5 feet. The drawdown lets homeowners maintain their personal docks and lack of water helps to kill off the shoreline vegetation that by the end of the summer could use a major buzz cut to keep the shoreline appealing for swimmers in the summer. This timethough, Entergy went down 7 feet to do repair work and maintenance on Carpenter Dam. Nothing too serious just the usual trees trying to break through the dam's gates to escape to Lake Catherine below! Just like our homes, the lake and its electrial producing dams require constant maintenance too. So, as local lake residents replace older wood supports on their docks that remain underwater all summer and squeaky dock boards that need screws tightened or replaced residents and yearly visitors are waiting for March 1st, 2021 when then once again bring the lake back up to its normal levels, but we are all hoping the the recently vaccine is just the shot in the arm we need to return to the great exciting venues Hot Springs offers to those lucky enough to make it here! 

Oh? Did I forget to mention the $100,000,000+ addition to the Oaklawn Horse Racing Resort and Casino nearing completion and it's brand new beautiful hotel over-looking the track? For those of you have not made it to Hot Springs, you really won't believe it until you see it!

Get you shots. Make your reservations and in the words from "Footloose" Let's party!!!!!!!!!!!!




(Where Do You Go When There's a Pandemic? The Lake!)

As tomorrow begins the Labor Day weekend holiday, it seems like everyone is ready for a break! Let's face it. Covid-19 has turned "the world" on its ear! And to top it off it feels like 2020 is one tragedy after another. Maybe it's the virus quarantine, but people are desparate for some sort of escape to normalcy and the lake life has been just what the doctor ordered! Yes, with all the people and boats on the lake it makes for a bumpy ride, but a fun bumpy ride it is! Friends and family have been tying up boats together in the lake coves and having the time of their lives, especially the children who desparately just want to have fun! (Take that Cindy Lauper!) After seeing the unrest and tragedies in many cities, Hot Springs has been a safe haven of sorts! I personally noticed that most people are being polite, helpful and friendly although you can't see their smiles because of masks. Everyone who had a favorite restaurant or establishment has been eagerly trying to keep the owners afloat by getting food to go and shopping at the small stores that have managed to stay open. Based upon my interaction with the people of Hot Springs has been nothing short of delightful. It's such a dichotomy to watch the unrest and hateful fighting on the news media and then seeing the residents of Hot Springs going out of their way to help each other! As they say in the South, "I hopey'all have a safe and happy Labor day weekend and save the burnt hot dogs for me!

Steven Young, Jr. www.HotSpringsLakeLife.com



(SUMMER IS UPON US!  June, 15, 2020)

Did Memorial Day really come and go that fast?.............. Now we're getting ready for the first day of Summer, which is in 6 days by the way! Our website www.HotSpringsLakelife.com has been flooded with people searching for homes in Hot Springs, especially lake homes and of course with #SocialDistancing still very much the norm I guess the best place to find your next home or vacation has been our website! 

I've found that well cared for homes priced at market value and even higher in some cases don't sit on the market very long! The old saying, "You snooze, you lose" is very appropos these days. There still is a lot of new construction and remodeling here in Hot Springs and many people are investing in lake rental properties and turning them into very lucrative VRBO's. This is probably due to the fact that the $100,000,000+ Oaklawn Racing Resort and Casino expansion will make this the premier destination and attract families seeking that ultimate get-a-way! In fact, it's been said Hot Springs will become the Las Vegas of the South! And yes, I said family because Hot Springs offers entertainment for people of all ages. There's Magic Springs Theme and Water Park with exciting rides for the kiddos and a safe water ride theme park environment with slides galore! Then, there is the Mid America Museum with lots of hands on educational entertainment for all ages as well as the famous botanical wonderland known as Garvin Woodland Gardens accessible by both boat or car. Downtown Hot Springs features the ultimate board walk style of shopping! Lot's of amazing shops, art galleries, live entertainment and restaurants serving up the finest cuisines from around the world! Don't forget our world famous Bath House Row where celebrties have been coming to relax since Babe Ruth, Al Capone, Rudolph Valentino and on and on!

My personal playground is Lake Hamilton, a 22 mile long body of water fed by one of the United States cleanest lakes, lake Ouachita. On any given day during the summer you'll find boats pulling kids on water rides and the really gifted actually surfing hands free behind a boat wake. The excitment and wonder is all here waiting on you, so don't delay and make Hot Springs your next vacation get-away or even your new home.  I can guarantee you you'll be quoting Arnold after you visit the Spa City saying, "I'll be back!"

Need more information or a personal tour of homes for sale here in the Spa City you can reach me at 501-765-7653 or go to my website at www.HotSpringsLakeLife.com   




May has arrived and man are we ready for it. When I wrote the previous update it was around the 1st of March and didn't realize that Covid-19 was about to take over the world! Hot Springs was hit pretty hard because we are a resort town with a world famous race track (Oaklawn) and a new casino and hotel are still going up! I have to say that Hot Springs is resilient though and the locals have been striving to get back to the care free environment they've come to enjoy. In a way, the virus could be a blessing because you see people helping each other more and finding out just how wonderful life is here in the Spa City! Locals, including my wife and I have searched out all the resturatants and business' that have stayed open, although at a very reduced capacity. We pick up meals from the local eateries and still shop the essentials like,  Lowes, Wal Mart, Kroger and assortment of other establishments! For those who live on the lake we've got our boats and sea Doo's tied up at the docks and take them out whenever the sun is shining, but the water is still too cold to relax on your favorite floating matress. I posted a recent picture to the picture carasel above of our boat tied up to our neighbors boats in one of our favorite lake get-a-ways, Entergy Island. It's a great cove to anchor in tied up to our friends boats and he who has the best stereo system rules! lol Having said that we are still Social Distancing because we mostly stay in our own boats and talk over the music. Can't wait to go out to our favorite resturants and hug friends and just live the great life we have and really appreciate it now so much more! Take care, I hear on the news that the anti viral medication Remdesivir that was developed several years ago to fight Ebola is showing promise moving forward, so I hope it turns out to be the turning point for the rest of the world even outside Hot Springs National Park! Update y'all soon!  Steven         https://HotSpringsLakeLife.com



Lake Hamiltomn recently rose to it's normal height after a long winter's nap and already the migrating birds are arriving, the local Mallards and geese are flirting and more and more boaters are zooming around adding to the excitment in the air! Plans by the locals for meeting in their favorite coves are being made and many more are getting their boats out of storage and dusting off their Sea Doo's! See ya on the water soon! The weather this early Spring has reminded many of us as being more Seattle-like with all the rain, but the grasses and plants won't let it go to waste as they get ready to come out for the Summer season. If you're looking for a Spring or Summer vacation, Hot Springs is ready for you! What an amazing place to play and forget about issues life can sometimes bring and it's even sweeter when you call this escape destination home! I'll be bringing you more updates and pictures as the season progresses, but if you're wanting a paradise investment just call me and I'll be there you've got a friend, as Carole used to sing!       Steven

See all the lake home and properties around Hot Springs at   https://www.HotSpringsLakeLife.com         

  Steven Young, Jr.